Life Advice 2020

This is a collaboration between me and Polish graphic designer Pola Lizowicz (@lisowicz.pola)

We gathered early 2020, pre-corona wanting to create something visually appealing, but then corona happened! So we delayed the project and the world went into lockdown.

We picked up the project again many months later and thought we would make some uplifting cards out our graphics for a year which has been messed up for many, thus the angle of the project; life advice for a year that went up in flames, or Life Advice 2020 for short. Grab one if you need a new perspective or you can use the cards as decoration / post-cards, whatever you choose.

Each box contains 8 postcard-size illustrations where each combines both mine and Pola’s visual style, accompanied with a little note that is some sort of a fun life-advice for one hell of a year. How to look upon yourself, the world and the people around you.

Riso–printed on 240gsm paper by the wonderful Beast Studio, hand-cut (so there may be some imperfections), hand-packed = made with love and care that we now and ready for the end of 2020. Might be a bit late for a Christmas present, but then you can use them to look back on a most akward year.